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Buying a home can be stressful but, your home inspection shouldn't be. With the convenience of one stop online ordering, weekend appointments and a buy back guarantee if we miss anything, you can rest assured your in the right hands at Badger Pro Home Inspection


Making your life easier, with simple to read reports, available online, usually within 48 hours or less. Easy online booking.


Infrared technology to help find hidden problems not seen with the naked eye


Radon is Colorless Odorless Radioactive Gas

that is known to cause cancer. Onsite Radon tests(48 Hour)


On-site Water testing for same day results. Lab tested also available


 Mobile reporting using the most advanced home inspection software available. Saves time on report editing, returning finished reports

online in less time.

20211110_154022 (1).jpg


Drone can inspect things that are too difficult or too dangerous

P2070212 (3)_edited.jpg
sewer scope_edited.png

Sewer Scope can examine the inside of your sewer  lateral line (from house to city main sewer or septic tank) To locate unseen problems. Lateral line repair is not usually covered by insurance is why it's important to have done before purchasing a home.

root_intrusion sewer scope.jpg
me in loader.jpg

A lifetime in construction including:

building custom homes, remodeling, heavy construction, property management and real estate. I am state licensed home inspector as well as a certified home inspector

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